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6 Ingredients for Successful Engagement

Today is Day 3 of the IAP2 Foundations program, and we’re coming to the end of the planning component. Tomorrow and Friday are all about techniques, so we’re going to learn about different tools to engage stakeholders – everything from interviews and surveys to coffee klatches and advisory groups. But before we get to the […]

What the Heck is P2 Anyway?

I’ve worked with Delaney + Associates for about two months now, and I have a confession: I’ve had a bit of trouble so far explaining to friends and family what, exactly, we do. (Sidebar: That’s not really a great feeling when you’re a communications person.) Until today, I haven’t been able to hit on a […]

New St. Paul’s: Planning a Hospital With Patients at the Center

“Patient-centered care” is a relatively new standard in health care delivery, and one that is being actively pursued in B.C.’s health system. In fact, the B.C. Ministry of Health named patient-centered care its first priority in its 2014 strategic plan. At SFU’s City Conversations lunch-hour discussion today (Sept. 16), participants heard that motto – “patient-centered” […]

P2 Planning for Best Outcomes

It’s Monday morning and your boss has just told you the organization needs to get some public input on the latest project. Let’s imagine it’s a design for a new children’s playground. So you set to work writing questions for an online survey and looking at the corporate calendar for when to schedule a public […]

Are You Really Listening?

We’ve all been there. Someone who’s close to us – a spouse, sibling, parent or good friend – is talking about something they’re really excited or worked up about and we realize we’re not really hearing what they’re saying. It’s like that teacher from the Peanuts comic strip: Her mouth is moving and she’s probably […]