Entries by Jessica Delaney

2019 Engagement Forecast

What a year it’s been. As a team, we have completed engagements at every level of government. We have crisscrossed the country learning and listening from those we engage. We have heard stories that will forever stay with us and have helped to grow our own empathy and ability as facilitators. How fortunate are we […]

Abbey-Jane McGrath Joins Delaney + Associates Team

Delaney + Associates is delighted to welcome Abbey-Jane McGrath, who has joined the Vancouver office in the role of Communications + Engagement Specialist. Abbey holds a degree in Film and Communications/Cultural Studies from McGill University as well as a law degree from the University of Toronto. She brings over a decade of experience crafting dozens […]

Understanding, Reconciliation and Plain Old Respect

Yesterday, in the House of Commons, the Prime Minister announced a new legal framework for Indigenous people. While the details are not entirely known, the aim is to redefine section 35 of the Constitution Act and affirm Aboriginal and treaty rights. This would mean Indigenous people would no longer have to go before the courts […]

NCI Charrette Blog Day 1: Getting Ready to Engage

The Vancouver D+A team is taking charrette training this week with the National Charrette Institute (NCI), and we’re blogging each day. Today, Jessica walks us through her biggest takeaways from Day 1.  A charrette is a place-based engagement technique that brings people together to build a shared and actionable plan or vision. The technique is […]