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Day 7: Create an Environment of No Surprises

Except for at Christmas time, and maybe the occasional birthday, most people don’t like surprises – particularly in an engagement setting or when focused on process. What does it mean? In the context of public and stakeholder engagement, creating an environment of no surprise means just that: There should be no surprises in the process […]

Featured Technique: The Opportunity Tree

    “A vivid imagination compels the whole body to obey it.” –Aristotle The context: The Opportunity Tree is a thinking framework that helps people visualize and frame the collective impact they want to make. In the last two years, Delaney + Associates has supported several strategic planning initiatives with hospitals in Ontario. We’ve observed a […]

This Simple Scope Exercise May Reduce Engagement Anxiety

When there is a complex decision to be made, it can be easy to get bogged down in the multitude of factors and variables that influence, inform and involve that decision. Identifying what actually will be decided and, even more importantly, where (and where not) input from stakeholders will advise that decision, can greatly clarify […]