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By Design: Bringing Intention to Engagement Design

I recently read an article about an organization working to establish their culture by design rather than by default. Their approach, happily, included engagement of internal stakeholders. The concept of “design rather than default” made me reflect on my work as an engagement professional. I design processes that bring those impacted by a decision into […]

Communicating in the Post-Truth Era: A Three-Part Special

In our January newsletter, I shared my top three engagement trends for 2017. One of them included the oversimplification of complex issues in a “post-truth” era. Oxford’s word of the year for 2016 was coined in part in order to describe Brexit and the US presidential election. The Guardian characterized it as: an adjective describing […]

Day 10: Shared Values Yield Compromise for Consensus

There are positions, interests and values in the world of stakeholders. When focused on positions, two parties are furthest apart. It’s a zero-sum game. Having a position is like: “No way are you going to build that new condo.” From the perspective of interests, we are closer together – but there is still a divide. It’s a […]