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Confessions of an Interrupter (and a Few Listening Tips)

I realized with dread recently that I am an interrupter. It’s not that I don’t care what the other person has to say, or think that what I have to add is more important. It’s more that I get so excited about what we are talking about that I want to complement their ideas with […]

Being a Stakeholder

I am usually on the other side of an engagement – the facilitator working to support the sponsor organization. Recently, I’ve been cast in the role of stakeholder and… well, it’s been a real wake-up call. In a nutshell, it sucks being a stakeholder – particularly when organizations/project proponents don’t see you as one! At my home, there’s […]

We’ve ReImagined Vancouver for 2040. What Next?

The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association (DVBIA) celebrated its 25th-anniversary last year by hosting a public engagement – an elaborate visioning exercise to mine and collect Vancouverites’ dreams for their city in 2040. Over 11,000 responses were heard, recorded and compiled – an impressive task.

Merry Christmas

We hope that you have enjoyed our 12 Days of Christmas blog series and appreciate any feedback you might have – good or bad. Our team would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a bit of rest. The New Year always seems to come in like a lion and we firmly believe […]

What Matters Most

I love December and always have. Not only do I love Christmas, but I also got married in December, had my first baby in December, and celebrate Saint Nicholas Day too. There’s something about December that feels special and less focused on work. Whether you’re working as a consultant or in an organization, I hope […]