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Technique Focus – The Bridge 

By Jessica Delaney, Principal – Engagement + Communications, at Delaney + Associates, and Tanya Gadsby, Creative Director + Graphic Facilitator, at Fuselight A few years ago, I was helping a client with mapping for strategic planning. Where were they and where did they want to go? Tanya is a graphic facilitator at Fuselight Creative, and she took my engagement […]

Being Your Own HERO

On a recent flight on Air Canada, I took a quick read of an EnRoute article entitled: Can Travel Transform Who You Are? We Head to Tasmania to Find Out. Being someone who loves travel and personal growth, the headline caught my attention. The idea is to provide your travel gurus with your needs or […]

4 Reasons to Book Engagement Training for 2019 Now

End of the government fiscal year is always a busy time, but it’s also a great time to book your training for all of 2019. Please visit www.rmdelaney.com/training/ to learn more about our IAP2 and Delaney + Associates course offerings. There are four great reasons to book now: Make a commitment to your professional development. You […]

2019 Engagement Forecast

What a year it’s been. As a team, we have completed engagements at every level of government. We have crisscrossed the country learning and listening from those we engage. We have heard stories that will forever stay with us and have helped to grow our own empathy and ability as facilitators. How fortunate are we […]