Kristi Merilees

Congratulations to Kristi Merilees, Engage Delaney’s Newest IAP2 Certified Trainer

We’d like to congratulate Kristi Merilees, Engage Delaney’s Director, Engagement and Communications, on completing the rigorous process to become an IAP2 certified trainer. Kristi’s experience and passion for engagement will shine through in her courses, and we are excited to expand our Engage Delaney training opportunities for 2024-2025 (click here for our updated training calendar).

As Engage Delaney’s newest IAP2 Trainer, Kristi shares:

“I am excited to be stepping into this new role of an IAP2 certified trainer. It is a great opportunity for me to work with professionals from various sectors who share the same drive and recognize the importance of authentic engagement and meaningful dialogue. I am humbled to be able to share my learnings, experiences, and knowledge with others.

Kristi has vast experience in detailed engagement planning, focus groups, training, client relations, project leadership, and facilitation. She has planned, implemented, and reported on over 50 comprehensive engagements using both in-person and virtual engagement techniques for various sectors, including government, industry, healthcare, and transportation.

As a dedicated public engagement specialist, Kristi includes and engages seldom-heard voices to create a shared understanding. She brings a wealth of expertise in professional communications and a collaborative facilitation style. Please register to join Kristi in her virtual classroom.