Organizational Coaching

Organizational Coaching – Our Team Graduated!

Recently, both Jessica and Kristi completed their coaching programs. Jessica has completed UBC’s Certificate in Organizational Coaching. This year-long intensive program provided Jessica with practical and hands-on coach training, focusing on coaching teams through organizational and professional change. The program helps learners understand what it means to be a coach, how to support clients, and how to partner with clients to help them achieve their goals. Jessica now has a Certificate in Organizational Coaching.

“A special thank you to all my coaching clients. I appreciate the time we have shared to learn, grow and explore our individual and collective strengths,” says Jessica.

Kristi completed Royal Road’s Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching to become a Certified Executive Coach. This specialized program provided Kristi with the skills and experience to effectively coach individuals and organizations toward higher performance and to inspire the best in others as they work toward their personal and professional goals.

“To my many clients who trusted me enough to share the coaching space with me, I am truly grateful!” says Kristi.

Engage Delaney will soon be launching Coaching programs!

In the months ahead, Engage Delaney will launch individual and team coaching programs, focusing on supporting people working in community engagement, community relations, facilitation, health care, and change management. Please stay tuned to learn more, including some pro bono opportunities.