Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe… and stay connected

by Jessica Delaney, Principal, Engagement + Communications

Dr. Bonnie Henry has been a clear leader during these challenging times. She has delivered information clearly, with empathy and in a way that has made, at least me, feel like there is leadership during this time of crisis. The same can be said for Minister Dix (but with far worse shoes!).

Her messages have often included a call to connect and to maintain community, in different ways. At Delaney we have always felt our staff and associate team, our training participants and clients are a certain kind of family and we wanted to stay connected. Last week Rick had a zoom meeting with participants from one of his past courses, and today I had one with participants from a past Vancouver course. I co-facilitated with my colleague and friend, Tanya Gadsby of Fuselight Creative. Tanya is an amazing facilitator, artist and bringer of fun.

We shared ideas about online engagement, decision making around when to engage online and when not, and we also shared some ideas about how to bring human connection and fun to virtual meetings.

One of the tips was these flash cards produced by Tanya. Made to be printed out at home on your own printer, coloured in for your mental release and used to communicate visually during virtual calls. We hope you enjoy them and we encourage you to reach out and stay connected so we can learn together, share ideas (even good wine recommendations are appreciated) and stay kind, calm and safe.