D+A News: New Additions and 20th Anniversary Celebrations

Our 20th anniversary year had a great start as we welcomed the newest addition to the Delaney family! Principal, Jessica Delaney, gave birth to her second child, Peter Matthew, on Jan. 11, 2016. He is an adorable – and engaging – little fellow! We look forward to Jessica returning to the helm of the Vancouver office, in January 2017.


We have reconnected with many old acquaintances, and made many new friends, as we have celebrated our business milestone birthday this year. Special events have included pub nights in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto; sponsorship of a lunch and keynote speaker at the 2016 IAP2 North American Conference; attendance and anniversary specials at HealthAchieve 2016; and, a gala anniversary dinner in Toronto. We’ve re-designed our website, too.


Engagement practitioners and D+A course participants mingle during a 20th anniversary event in Calgary on Oct. 19.

You can see our President, Richard Delaney, in action at the 2016 IAP2 North American Conference, by clicking here.

On the staff front, it has been an exceptionally exciting year. We welcomed Jenn Holland in early January and this spring, welcomed Matthew Lindsey and Danielle Armengaud to our growing team.

Matthew has joined D+A in the role of Communications and Engagement Specialist. Matthew has a background in government communications and project coordination at the federal level across multiple areas. He has solid experience working in complex environments with diverse stakeholder groups. In 2011, Matthew deployed as a civilian Public Affairs Advisor to the Royal Canadian Navy during an annual Arctic Sovereignty exercise, providing communications advice to commanders aboard ship.

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He has experience in media relations, project communications, internal communications and communications planning. In addition, he has trained, led, and coached personnel in media relations, internal communications and service delivery environments. Matthew returned recently from Auckland, New Zealand, where he furthered his corporate communications and engagement experience. We are so pleased to have him join the team! Matthew can be reached at matt@rmdelaney.com.

Danielle joins us as a Research and Communications Specialist. Danielle is a seasoned public opinion and market research specialist with more than a decade of client-facing experience. She started her career at the Government of Canada, after which she made the switch to the private sector, all the while remaining largely focused on clients in the public affairs realm. In particular, she has played key roles in projects conducted on behalf of many federal and provincial government departments and municipalities, as well as NGOs and associations.

Studio G. R. Martin Photography © 2016 Licencing includes printing for business use only, web site and social media promotion

Danielle’s expertise covers the design, moderation, analysis, reporting and presentation of surveys, focus groups and executive elite interviews. She is highly skilled at project management and client relations. She is well-versed in a wide range of both online and in-person methods and is an accomplished moderator who understands the art of both asking questions and active listening.

Taking research findings to the “next level” is her specialty, integrating them successfully and seamlessly into her clients’ policies, communications and strategies, and translating them into actionable insights for any audience, whether high-level executive decision-makers within governments or businesses, or the general public. Danielle is a wonderful addition to our team! She can be reached at danielle@rmdelaney.com.

So, busy it has been… and, that does not even take into account the work we do to support our clients! Helping our clients engage and build relationships with their communities and stakeholders, in support of durable decisions, is what we love to do. A big thank you goes out to all our clients for the opportunity to work with you, during what has been a very rewarding year for us.