Delaney Micro Credentials: Back to School and Oh So Cool

by Valerie Delaney, Principal, Learning + Development

Ok, don’t tell me it’s just me.  I loved getting achievement badges in Brownies and swimming classes!

Kids love badges – or stickers – whether it’s at camp or at school.

And adults do too! Why?  Because rewards demonstrate progress – key to adult learning; plus, they tell our employers and colleagues we are serious about staying current and in demand.

That’s why we at Delaney are so pumped about the micro-credential badges being offered for each of our new courses in our Confidence and Refinement programs.

Besides being cool and new, what exactly is a micro credential? A micro credential is a digital badge that tells you and the world you’ve completed an intense, skills-based learning opportunity to enhance your skills in a particular area.

Delaney micro credentials are offered for courses that are:

  • online and trainer-led
  • targeted for specific engagement competencies
  • applicable to the workplace right away
  • high-quality
  • fast-paced and highly interactive – nine to 16 hours of learning-packed action typically over one week
  • stand alone or complementary to other education programs
  • built on input from thousands of alumni who have told us what they need to take their skills to the next level

I love how the University of Athabasca describes them. “…micro-credentials are essentially an online, specialized, non-credit course or stackable certificate delivered in short powerful bursts. They enable the learner to dig right into the learning for quick impact and immediate workplace application.”

You can earn a Delaney micro-credential badge for each online course and have them count towards your certificate of completion for both the Confidence and Refinement programs.  Our online courses are geared to the busy, professional engagement practitioner who wants to level up their skills in a specific area, whether that is engagement foundations, engagement communications or engagement evaluation to name just a few key skills areas our micro credentials address.

Celebrate your commitment to continuous learning and professional development! After successfully completing a Delaney course, you’ll receive your micro-credential digital badge and instructions for putting it on your LinkedIn profile.

Happy back to school!