Excellence is An Inside Job

by Valerie Delaney, Principal, Learning + Development

We have just completed our fourth Delaney Virtual Academy for the iap2 Planning course, with a sold-out course set to begin September 14. The whole Delaney team – training specialists and engagement specialists alike – have been working hard.  From designing our new Virtual Academy registration materials, updating web site content, launching our learning management system, and facilitating live sessions, we’ve done it all.  Well, at least we hope so.

There is always room for improvement and innovation, and we are committed to that in the pursuit of training excellence, but, just so you know, here are the top seven things participants are loving right now about their Delaney Virtual Academies:

  1. Learning from Canada’s highly-rated iap2 trainers and seasoned engagement practitioners – Richard Delaney and Jessica Delaney – priceless.
  2. Getting real-time technology and facilitation support during the Virtual Academies, from a Delaney technology host. Participants can focus on the learning, and trainers can focus on the training.
  3. Getting a complimentary hard-copy manual and Delaney “treats”, in the mail! If you register two weeks in advance, you likely will have your manual before the course begins.  We provide a PDF manual for late registrants, while you wait for your hard-copy manual. #Valwasright; #printvsdigial; #yellowhighlightersrule
  4. Supplementing the live sessions with their own self-directed learning through Delaney’s learning management system.
  5. Being welcomed to a virtual classroom that opens early and closes late. Bring your coffee!
  6. Participating in optional study halls – extra time to dig a little deeper into the material, or to share real-life, in-progress engagement stories.
  7. Receiving the little extras, including follow-up tools and samples, templates, articles and coaching, during and after the Virtual Academy.

We hope you can join us to share in the learning and fun; in the meantime, we’ll keep working on the inside job of building training excellence.  Stay safe and happy.