Happy Valentine’s Day: A New Tradition

by Jessica Delaney, Principal, Strategic Communications + Engagement

We always have two Christmas trees – one real and one artificial. This year after the real one was brought to the wood-chipper no one was in a real hurry to put away the artificial tree. Some dark, cold mornings, the kids would turn on the lights, snuggle on the couch, flip on the fireplace and gradually wake up with twinkling lights. In late January, there was a push to keep the tree up “forever” and so a compromise arose: the ornaments would be put away and we would make the Christmas tree a Valentine’s tree with homemade ornaments. And so was born the Love Tree of Valentine’s.

This post has nothing to do with engagement, except to say that working remotely, not having certainty over much, and working what feels like two days in one, can be really hard. I hope you take the time to enjoy Valentine’s Day and Family Day. I hope you take some time to hug someone in your bubble or to show yourself some love. The importance of filling up our own cup has never been more important. Since January 4, it has felt like I am in a race (anyone else?) and I hope that we all have a weekend ahead that involves a lot of love.

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends.