Richard M. Delaney

Get Engaged and Help Shape the Future of iap2 Canada

Formed in 1992 by two public participation (P2) professionals from Denver and two from Ottawa, the International Association for Public Participation (iap2) has grown from four to more than 5,000 members around the world. Iap2 has defined the gold standard for authentic community and stakeholder engagement.

Its mandate is one that we share here at D+A: more and better engagement.

The 750+ Canadian members are organized through iap2 Canada into chapters across the country. The Canadian affiliate and its chapters are about to take on greater prominence in developing and managing the affairs of iap2. More events, more networking and learning opportunities, and leveraging iap2 Canada as a force to improve engagement practices in government and corporate Canada. 

According to a recent message from the iap2 Canada President, Bruce Gilbert, this organizational re-design has been underway for about a year, and now the “change committee” is asking for member feedback on the proposed recommendations.

Tap into the energy generated by this exciting development: is the online part of this engagement. Responses online are requested by August 27.

Major decision-making by affiliate boards will take place in conjunction with the sold-out North American iap2 Conference, coming up September 5-7 in Victoria.