The Sign of the Time – Change

by Brenda Kortekaas, Specialist, Learning + Development

In the last few years, Ottawa and area is becoming known for tornado warnings and actual tornados – some touching ground. My husband and I were storm chasing one last year not really knowing that it was an actual tornado that had caused damage in the nearby neighbourhood. What a sight we saw, with boards, garbage, metal, and other debris flying around. We decided to follow it. Why on earth, you ask? We followed it because there had been no pre-warning of tornados in the area and we wanted to see what was going on. The alert was sounded only after it touched down.  When we drove back through its path, we saw large boards with nails in the middle of the road, a trampoline in a tree, shingles off roofs and more. Given this phenomenon was rare in our area, tornado warnings were pretty much ignored; now, we pay close attention to the alerts on our phones. We will not chase flying debris again.

This is also true with Covid19. When it was first announced, most of us thought it would be like the flu, and we would have to change our lifestyles for a short period of time. We did not know what to expect and could not foresee the future events unfolding. Sometimes, I feel like I am in slow motion and other times, it feels like I am tumbling down a hill gaining so much momentum it will be hard to stop. We are changing our lives continuously to keep out of the path of the Corona Virus, to keep our families, friends, and selves safe.

The phrase “Change is the only constant in life” was written by a Greek philosopher 500 BC. Another great quote is “Change is Inevitable, Progress is Optional” by Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric. There are many people who because of past circumstances have a hard time with change, but those of us who navigate change a little better can help through encouragement, a guiding hand and, most of all, PATIENCE with one another.

I am proud to be part of the Delaney Team who have navigated through the waters of change with professionalism and strength to move the business forward. They have reached out to others through many blog posts, emails, phone calls and meetings. They were not looking to promote their brand but wanting to demonstrate care and consideration for all their colleagues, participants, clients, and staff.

As the team’s Training Specialist, I can tell you there are many changes to the way Delaney is delivering their courses now, and I believe you will be most pleased with the results. The trainers and specialists are working hard to bring our participants the best courses they can possibly deliver, in our Virtual Academies. The principals of the company have worked tirelessly to bring you new and innovative ways to learn with Delaney through all the changes. Please check out our website for more information about our training.

Let us all be patient and encourage each other through the many changes still to come.