Calling All Facilitators: IAF Conference Submissions Now Open

Are you a facilitator or a workshop leader? Do you have a fun and interactive workshop idea to share with fellow facilitators?

The IAF (International Association of Facilitators) is hosting its North America and Caribbean Conference in Ottawa in May 2018, and the Conference Planning Committee has just issued a call for submissions for workshop proposals. If you are a facilitator, this is your opportunity to pitch your workshop idea, and get a chance to hang out with, and learn from, other facilitators.

The Committee is inviting facilitators to submit workshop proposals for either the pre-conference executive program (May 2-3) or the conference sessions (May 4-5). The theme of the conference is Expanding Our Facilitation Horizons, and the Committee is seeking innovative and interactive workshop proposals that are in line with the overarching theme. Ideally, the submitted workshop designs will seek to expand the understanding and application of facilitation.

When designing your proposal, it is important to keep in mind that interactive learning opportunities are more desirable and will be scored higher than less interactive / lecture-type presentations.

Good luck with your submissions, and we hope to see you there!

Key Highlights:

Proposal Submission Deadline: October 20

Length of presentations:

Pre-Conference Executive Program Submissions One day (6 hours) or two days (2 x 6 hours)
Conference Submissions 90 minutes or 3 hours

Focus Questions for the Conference:

  1. Philosophy of Facilitation | What are the philosophical roots of facilitation, and how do they influence our work?
  2. Facilitation for the World | How can facilitators positively contribute to organizations, communities, and the world in transition?
  3. Facilitation in the Digital Era | How can we enrich our facilitation horizons in the digital era?
  4. Facilitation with and for Other Professions | How does facilitation aid and support other professions, and how are other professions influencing the practice of facilitation?

For more information and to submit your workshop proposal, please see here.