4 Reasons to Book Engagement Training for 2019 Now

End of the government fiscal year is always a busy time, but it’s also a great time to book your training for all of 2019. Please visit www.rmdelaney.com/training/ to learn more about our IAP2 and Engage Delaney course offerings.

There are four great reasons to book now:

  • Make a commitment to your professional development. You will never “have the time”, but you can plan on “making time” right now.
  • Learn from other professionals working in the field, network and connect with those who have a similar interest and passion for public engagement.
  • Build your credentials with an internationally-recognized certificate of completion for the IAP2 Foundations program, the first step to CP3 (a professional designation).
  • Until March 31, apply an extra 5% discount in addition to other applicable discounts. Use code MAR31.

We look forward to welcoming you to a premiere adult learning event.