Delaney Confidence Series – Upcoming Course: Communicating for Engagement

by Rebecca Recant, Specialist, Engagement + Communications

As a communications and engagement professional, I’ve come to understand these two sometimes separate streams, as integrated partners. Communications is fundamental to all community engagement, and while it is possible to communicate without engaging, you cannot engage without communications.

I often spin my wheels around how to translate knowledge and information into informed participation. It seems easy to solicit opinions, but how do we obtain informed feedback? The upcoming Delaney course, Communicating for Engagement, sheds light on how to do just that, building knowledge and skills for developing communications plans to support effective engagement.

This nine-hour online, trainer-facilitated course walks participants through the key steps of developing a communications plan, to support engagement promotion, recruitment, and reporting. Participants discuss communications theory and explore tools and processes for effective communications for community engagement and will work on a communications plan to use right away with their next engagement.

To learn more about the course, you can view our course flyer here:

 Our next course is coming up soon on April 5 – April 7, and there is still time to register! Hope to see you there and wait – stop the press! Don’t forget to use your 25% off tuition code of IRISH, when you register!