Delaney – The Engagement People & Provincial Language Service – Provincial Health Services Authority Honoured for Improving Medical Access for Deaf, Deaf-blind and Hard of Hearing Community

We are so happy to be recognized for our work with the Provincial Languages Services program, a program that provides American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation services for Deaf, Deaf-Blind and hard of hearing persons, and also interpretation services for persons with limited English fluency. “Engaging Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard-of-Hearing British Columbians on Medical Interpretation for Better Access to Health Care” was named runner-up for the 2020 IAP2 Canada Core Values Award for Respect for Diversity, Inclusion and Culture.

Using a variety of methods, including in-person sessions and online surveys with questions interpreted on video, DELANEY identified values and principles which became the foundation of a Service Delivery Framework — including the determination that service delivery had to be deaf-led. Already, the engagement is showing results, in improved and increased access to medical information for Deaf, Deaf-Blind and hard of hearing people and an increased awareness of the barriers to health care people in this community experience.