Engagement Learnings on the Slopes

We can’t complain. We got another two weeks out of our ski season at Silver Star. It’s our family’s happy place and this year, just like that, our two boys became skiers. From tears over sore feet to big smiles, rosy cheeks, and little speed demons, we have embraced all the mountain has to offer. There are many beauty shots from Silver Star, and the one below reminded me of three things I know to be true in engagement.

  • Provide people a map of the process. Where are we going and how will we get there?
  • Create different options or routes for different participants. Not everyone wants to ski a black diamond, and the engagement equivalent of that is an advisory group. Create different routes that provide variability in the intensity of the engagement.
  • Give people time to enjoy the view. Before jumping in, let’s take in the opportunity or the challenge we are going to ride together.


SilverStar Mountain Resort, thanks for an awesome season with loads of views and memories.