Here comes September – Time to Focus on Skills Development

by Jessica Delaney, Principal, Engagement + Strategic Communications

September is just around the corner. For me, it always meant new notebooks, pencil crayons and a new scrunchie (it was the 80s). It was also about what new thing I could learn. In grade 4 I had a goal to know all the countries in the world and their capitals. If you’re working in the not-for-profit housing space, this September might be the perfect time to learn more about how to plan for authentic engagement. We are talking developing new skills, methodologies, and techniques for how to bring people together. We are not talking about the same old-open house, or potentially painful townhall, but rather how we plan for meaningful engagement from Day 1.

If you are a member of the BCNPHA, the IAP2 Foundations course (planning and techniques) is available at a heavily discounted rate and you can learn more by clicking here to register. There are only a few spots remaining and it is going to be a lively, interactive course where you can learn from colleagues in the field as well as Delaney’s expertise in this sector.

So, the leaves are starting to change and with the smell of pumpkin lattes in the air, I encourage you to set a learning goal for yourself. Identify key skills you want to acquire and how you can use them not some day, but right away. And, unlike the changing fashion of scrunchies, these skills are timeless. Hope to see you there, Jess