Three Hopes for Canada’s New Government

Dear Fellow Canadians – It’s a new day, we have a new government and here are the top three things we hope to see in the months and years ahead.

  1. 1.     Listening: You say you won by listening, so don’t stop. Engage Canadians on their values – the things they care about and the kind of future they want for themselves and their families. Canadian values should be the substance of policy, not simply campaign messaging.
  1. 2.     Collaborating: Ok, Liberals you won. You say that “active citizens” that “engaged citizens” can bring positive change and we expect that you will create opportunities to collaborate. The House of Commons doesn’t have to be a zoo. It can represent all Canadians, not just the 40% who voted for you.
  1. 3.     Thinking Big: Consistently, we were told that this election was about the economy and security, and yet we know Canadians care about the environment, human rights, our role in the world, health care, First Nations rights, strong communities and so much more. Let’s dare to be ambitious; let’s dare to do things differently; let’s push ourselves to build a future of which we can all be proud.

Real change… real engagement.