Working with Parks Canada to Engage on their Fees Update

It’s good to have conversations with your stakeholders, but frankly, a good conversation isn’t enough.

When we engage our stakeholders, whether interest groups, industry or the general public, we need to have focused and productive conversations that help make “better” decisions. Decisions that work for most stakeholders, decisions that aren’t going to be challenged and can be made in a timely and efficient way.

We are currently working with Parks Canada to help them make some really important decisions with their stakeholders. The objective of the engagement is to create awareness that Parks haven’t updated their fees in a decade and the consequences of such, but more importantly to discuss the concept of reasonable cost recovery for government services. We applaud them for how they have framed multi-faceted complicated concepts in easy to understand language and broken them down in ways that apply to different stakeholders. The structure of the online platform adds immeasurably to the clarity and transparency of engagement and ultimately to decision making.

The online engagement platform is divided into four different panels. Each panel is a digital workbook with a variety of question types that provides quantifiable data while at the same time giving participants full latitude to express their own views. A minimum amount of registration is required so that we know what the different stakeholders are saying and if there are regional variations.

We are always proud of the engagement designs we provide for our client, but I think you will agree takes online engagement to the next level. Since one of the community groups we are targeting is the general public I invite you to take a look at the site, get registered and get engaged, then let me know what you think of the user experience.