Fundamentals Of P2 and Engagement: What we learned with our first public course of the new IAP2 program

First off, thanks to all our amazing participants who jumped right into our first IAP2 Fundamentals course, which is the introductory course to the new IAP2 Global Learning Pathway. We so appreciate the trust you continue to place in Delaney to help build your engagement foundation and skills. With our first course complete and our March, April, and May courses sold out, now is the time to book for our upcoming fall courses.

Here are a few takeaways we want to share about the new Fundamentals course:

  • It’s a one-day course we hold virtually over three sessions of two hours each, and it’s essentially an overview. It provides a solid introduction to key concepts and approaches, but it’s important to recognize that for those of you who are engagement professionals striving to be one or do a lot of engagement in your work, this is really an appetizer. Think introductory overview, and you will not be disappointed.
  • There’s a mix of whole-group and small-group work and individual reflection. Come prepared to connect, engage, and learn together. We really appreciate when participants come prepared to engage and feel that it’s a key ingredient to getting the most out of the course.
  • This course is a prerequisite for both the Designing P2 and Engagement (formerly Planning) and Applying Methods (formerly Techniques) courses. For some, this overview is enough, and no more is needed. If you manage an engagement team or are a decision-maker, this course is a solid orientation to engagement. If, however, you are regularly planning, implementing, or reporting on engagements, you will likely want to sign up for Designing P2 and Engagement and Applying Methods.

Here are just a few comments from participants after our first course:

The Fundamentals course laid the framework and served as a reminder to the variety of aspects to consider when choosing engagement. Often we can get too caught up in the tactics and execution and this course helped to provide the why not just the how.

(Virtual Academy, February 2023, iap2 Fundamentals Course)

Consultant, Calgary


Ms. Delaney was an excellent, thoughtful facilitator who made the content relevant, fun and practical.

(Virtual Academy, February 2023, iap2 Fundamentals Course)

Communications Leader, North Vancouver


Amazing lead facilitator (Jessica) and support person (Brittany). Both of these people made the course fun and enjoyable.

(Virtual Academy, February 2023, iap2 Fundamentals Course)

Engagement Coordinator, Ottawa


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