New Training for a New Year

by Brenda Kortekass, Specialist, Learning + Development

I wasn’t sure what my 2022 resolution would be at the end of December, but I now see that it will be about embracing new training, personally and professionally.

My husband and I welcomed a new family member, a rescue dog named Zuko. He came to us with that name and I’m ok with it because it reminds me of Danny Zuko from the movie Grease – tall and handsome. He is an eight-month-old American Bulldog Mix. Because of his age, we have missed all the early puppy stages which is just fine with my husband and me. Zuko came to us already house trained and with a few tricks that he is learning. Zuko is a bit of a klutz right now, but having investigated his breed, I know he will grow to become quite strong and sturdy. My husband and I grew up with dogs and had a dog when our kids were young, but we took a break from owning a dog for several years and reasons. Both of us will be working from home permanently, so we felt that now would be a good time for a dog since he will help get us up and out of our seats. “Sitting is the new smoking” the experts say, and we need to get up and move. We will take time with our newfound family member for formal training and everyday training so he will be the companion we are hoping for. Who will be training who? The first night with Zuko, my husband and I both laid in bed and thought, “What have we done?” A new year for us with a new focus.

Delaney has embarked on a new year of training as well! The team has produced and implemented SEVEN new training courses in two categories – the Confidence and Refinement series. They were introduced in the fall of 2021 and have been well received so far. The Facilitating Engagement Plans course that ran in December had some excellent feedback such as: “I am a community planning consultant with close to 20 years of experience and have worked with near 30 municipalities in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan. Each time I train with Delaney, I learn something new and feel reinvigorated to engage communities. If you haven’t done training with Delaney yet, sign up!” You can check out our testimonials for yourself at

Every participant receives a micro credential and a certificate upon completion of each Confidence and Refinement course. People are excited to upload their micro credentials to their LinkedIn profiles. Delaney also has some new training treats that we send out to participants who take one of these great courses.

Many changes are happening with Delaney iap2 courses as well. The Foundations Planning and Techniques modules will be changing by the end of June 2022. If you are interested in getting the iap2 certificate of completion in a timely manner, you may want to register for our winter/spring dates. The next Planning module is scheduled February 22-25 with Techniques to follow March 28-31. Book early so as not to be disappointed.

As I look out the window at the expected 25-50 cm that is falling on Ottawa today, I remind myself that I don’t like cold weather or walking in it. Zuko seems to be as hesitant to go out as I am, but we will forge ahead with my battery-operated warming socks – best Christmas present ever!

Don’t hesitate by delaying your engagement training for another time. It will be good for you whether you are building confidence or refining your skills! Check out the Delaney website at Engage Delaney ( for all the information you need about our micro credential courses, as well as our iap2 Foundation courses.

Stay warm. Brenda