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    Emina Dervisevic

    Forum Question: Communication as a Basis for Engagement

    While this article talks about “communications”, it is very relevant to our discussions about engagement. Which of the communication principles listed would you say are critically important and why?

    Return to the course when complete.

    Grant Jones

    Listening – if we do not listen to what the public is saying and try to understand those perspectives, we are not fully engaging

    Richard Delaney

    Thank you for the contribution Grant! When people tell me they are worried about their abilities to facilitate engagement because they fear public speaking (i.e. pre-course survey for Facilitating Engagement course) I tell them “No worries. Its not at all about speaking. Its about listening.” In fact Tom Swayer said “I never learned anything while I was talk’in.” As true as true for engagement as well!

    Jackie Amsden

    relatable and relevant. As a communicator, I always struggle to get away from the jargon in my industry. And if our communication materials aren’t relatable and relevant in engagement promotions, people won’t be inspired to care.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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