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    Emina Dervisevic

    Forum Question: Moving from In-Person to Online Engagement

    We often say that, to be effective, engagement must satisfy three needs: needs of the decision maker, needs of the decision and needs of those impacted. Using this framework what would be strategic elements of any engagement strategy you would build into this engagement if you were to go ahead with an online approach?

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    Jackie Amsden

    I would provide technical support to ensure participants’ needs were met, not just the needs of the decision-makers. I would also provide non-digital means of submitting comments, such as phone town halls or mail-in surveys. But more than any of that, I would meet, by phone or by Zoom, with community representatives prior to the engagement to discuss what barriers exist within the community and how to overcome them.

    Richard Delaney

    Thanks for participating in the forum Jackie.

    Collecting process-based intel about the groups you are about to engage beforehand is always a must, plus giving people a primer and options on how they participate is a good idea too.

    Wondering if others in the class have explored different ways to make online/ virtual engagement as accessible as possible?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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