iap2 Public Participation for Decision Makers

The seminar is an effective platform for discussing organizational goals and strategies relating to community and stakeholder engagement and helps decision makers get the best value from a public participation process. The seminar looks at the foundations of authentic engagement from a decision maker’s point of view and offers a perspective on how public participation can be integrated into the overall project plan. It examines the costs and benefits of public participation; discusses when and why to involve the public in an organizational decision; and, emphasizes the importance of the commitment to the public about involvement in the decision process. The seminar also provides an overview of what the decision maker should know about the public participation practitioner’s role. It is generally three-four hours in length.

Decision makers leave this seminar having considered important concepts that relate to risk assessment / management, good governance and public policy, in the context of community and stakeholder engagement; specifically, at the conclusion of this seminar, decision makers will have considered:

  • How public participation ties into their decision-making processes
  • When and why to have the public participate in their decisions
  • The decision maker’s unique role and commitment
  • Key concepts that must be considered to be effective when involving others


  • What is public participation?
  • Why or why not engage?
  • How staff plan and design engagement initiatives
  • Decision maker’s role in the planning process
  • Summary and evaluation

Engagement Components and Considerations

  • Clarify the decision and decision-making process
  • Impact analysis to develop a full understanding of your stakeholder community
  • Define the appropriate level of public participation
  • Embrace the core values of public participation
  • Design your public participation process, reflecting values and resources
  • Evaluate and adapt continuously
  • Roles and commitments

This seminar provides a high-level overview of public participation and is suited to anyone involved in the decision-making process, notably executive teams, senior managers, and elected officials.  Graduate students and staff will benefit also.

Booking information for organizations

This fixed-fee seminar is available to organizations at a fee of $5000+tax plus travel. All course materials are provided, including a course manual

Please contact Valerie Delaney to arrange for this exciting seminar for your team or organization: valerie@rmdelaney.com

What participants say about our iap2 Public Participation for Decision-Makers seminar…

A refresher on what real engagement means and its power.

A lot of compelling examples and nuggets to learn from!

Richard was an informative, positive presenter who got through the material in a timely fashion and helped us have authentic conversations and learn how to have them with the public.

Good tools for elected officials.

Well worth attending.

Appreciate information/education to ensure we challenge traditional models of engagement.