Joining the Delaney Team

While I have known Richard and Valerie Delaney for several years and Brenda Kortekaas even longer, I have not really understood what Engage Delaney does. My name is Johanne Brownrigg, and I am the most recently hired staff person in the training office, assisting Brenda and Valerie with all things training related, including our iap2 Foundations courses. I am truly looking forward to this new opportunity.

Learning about the various courses, and what is needed for each of them and why, is challenging. It will all make sense as time goes on, but as I learn what the expectations are, I also am learning about the company ethos.

There is a pride of excellence here. The Engage Delaney training team really does care about your experience during any of their courses: how much you learn; how you learn; how you will continue to use what you have learned. There is exceptional attention to detail, for your sake, because they recognize your commitment to this learning and want you to succeed.

This is an unusual environment, and I am lucky to have been asked to join the team. While you are learning the essentials of engagement, I will be learning the essentials to make it a powerful learning experience. We are on quite the journey, you and I!