Meet Shairose Ukanji, Manager, Communications and Storytelling

Welcome Aboard, Shairose Ukanji!

Engage Delaney is thrilled to introduce our new Communications and Storytelling Manager, Shairose Ukanji. Bringing a wealth of knowledge in strategic communications and brand management, Shairose is set to elevate our storytelling prowess. She’ll be instrumental in devising stellar comms strategies, fostering brand engagement, and exploring innovative online platforms for connecting with our audiences.

A Little About Shairose

Shairose is passionate about making a difference through her work. She is a skilled corporate communications and brand management professional and has worked across industries from higher education and healthcare to management consulting, IT, and retail e-commerce. She believes that corporate communications and storytelling go hand in hand, and whether you are communicating with shareholders, employees, or the general public, what you say and how you say it can make a profound difference in building your brand’s reputation. Creating compelling brand stories is Shairose’s superpower, and putting that into practice has enabled her to ignite passion for a shared purpose among the teams she has worked with.

Having worked for more than a decade in strategic communications, content marketing and management, public relations, change management, and audience engagement, she takes pride in her ability to look at the big picture not only to achieve objectives but also to influence decisions. Shairose maintains a positive outlook and is constantly curious to learn new things.