Facilitating Engagement Plans

This highly interactive course provides 12 hours of online, trainer-facilitated training to support the activation of engagement plans. The focus is on planning and facilitation best practices, for both in-person and virtual engagement settings. Participants come away with an understanding of how to plan and facilitate meaningful engagement; the importance of separating process from content; facilitation practices to use during high-emotion engagements; and practical ways of bringing objective-based facilitation into practice.

This course builds the knowledge and skill foundation for activating effective engagement plans through masterful facilitation and public-speaking skills. It will be of most benefit to developing or advanced engagement professionals.


  • What is Facilitation?
  • Proponent as Facilitator – Managing the Challenge: Content and Process Roles
  • Before the Meeting – Planning for Success
  • Rapport Through Values – Creating Positive Space for Understanding and Collaboration
  • Managing Conflict – What Conflict?
  • Building Consensus – Understanding Group Dynamics, Values and Common Ground
  • Facilitating with Cultural Intelligence – Cultural Safety and Inclusion
  • Reflection and Improvement – On Being a Reflective Practitioner and Life-Long Learner
  • Facilitation Techniques – Methods and Models: Part Art, Part Science

Newly added to support facilitating virtual engagements and meetings:

  • Planning for Virtual Facilitation – Best Practices and Confidence Building
  • Virtual Roles and Responsibilities
  • Virtual Dos and Don’ts
  • Virtual Facilitation Techniques – Best of the Best
  • Supporting Participants in the Virtual Setting
  • Equity, Inclusion and Cultural Safety in the Virtual Setting
  • Virtual Facilitation Evaluation – Best Practices

How to Register

1. Open the registration form below.

2. Save the form to your computer and fill it out.

3. Scan or email it to brenda@rmdelaney.com and rob@rmdelaney.com

Our participants say…

Delaney was fantastic to work with. The amount of time and effort put in leading up to our session resulted in an engaging experience that was reflective of the needs of our group.

I am a community planning consultant with close to 20 years of experience and have worked with near 30 municipalities in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan. Each time I train with Delaney, I learn something new and feel reinvigorated to engage communities. If you haven’t done training with Delaney yet, sign up!

This course was transformational. Thank you for changing the way I think about facilitation and engagement planning. All I can say is WOW!

Great insight on leading facilitation sessions, what works and doesn’t. Makes you aware of aspects to consider to make participants communicate.

A very engaging learning environment. I felt comfortable and well supported throughout the course.

This course was a lovely addition to my facilitation toolkit and a must for anyone wanting to deepen their skills and approach to facilitation. It highlighted an authentic, empathetic yet very effective approach. It also gave me some excellent tangible tools to use, and techniques to practice moving forward.

Thoughtful, engaging and important workshop that everyone should take!

The training helped me put together my previous experience & formal training. The learnings I am bringing back to my organization, professional development, and even personal life are very transferable to different situations and scenarios.

Thoroughly enjoyed workshop & look forward to implementing new knowledge to work setting.

Facilitating Engagement is an important life skill. I recommend this course to everyone.

I’ve taken IAP2’s Foundations (Planning and Techniques) course and found Delaney and Associates Facilitating Engagement crash course incredibly valuable, engaging, and fun. They do a fantastic job distilling down a lot of comprehensive information into key principles and points that we, as health care practitioners, can apply right away.