Our Specialties: Health

We see a growing expectation in society at large for citizens and community members to participate in the decisions that will affect their lives. This desire becomes very personal when it comes to health. We are all patients, as well as friends and family of patients.

Engage Delaney has worked in the health sector across Canada for more than a decade, with a focus on patient and community engagement, capacity-building for engagement, and collaborative policy development.

We work with our clients to develop patient and community engagement processes, policies and capacity-building tools that support the broader policy direction of the Triple Aim where health outcomes improve, health-care experiences are enhanced and costs are reduced. By bringing patients, providers and administrators together, we work to achieve a sustainable health-care model for all Canadians.

What does this type of work look like?

Some of our recent projects have included:

  • Engagement on patient privacy / health records
  • Engagement for policy review on care for mental health and substance use
  • Building interest and uptake for more, broad-based patient, family and community engagement
  • Strategic planning for hospitals
  • Large health system transformational change, including consultations on hospital closings and openings
  • Strategic communications planning
  • Capacity-building initiatives such as IAP2 training and facilitation training
  • Survey development, analysis and reporting