Our Specialties: Renewable Energy and Environment

There are no easy answers when it comes to energy in Canada, which explains why people are often polarized. Yet, most Canadians know the planet’s health and our country’s wellbeing depend on informed, open and fair dialogue.

Engage Delaney is committed to working with ethical, community-based organizations that work to develop forms of renewable energy. Communities are often skeptical when it comes to renewable energy projects where impacts may be unknown and the regulatory process complex.

D+A helps our clients by understanding concerns and needs within the community and seeking to facilitate processes that are respectful and support meaningful dialogue.

What does this type of work look like?

We have supported dozens of renewable energy projects across Canada and have experience in translating complex technical and scientific information into clear, concise information that supports community engagement processes. We work with clients and communities to develop engagement plans that meet, and often exceed, regulatory requirements and seek to build a legitimate social licence to operate.

Some of our recent projects include:

  • Developing and delivering many capacity-building courses on various topics, such as energy-efficiency financing, building recommissioning, habitat management, environmental assessment and public consultation
  • Designing, implementing and managing a successful, highly public, multi-stakeholder, multi-year fisheries-related consultation
  • Conducting social and environmental scans for renewable energy projects
  • Developing engagement and strategic communications plans for renewable energy projects