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IAP2 Techniques for Effective Public Participation

Techniques for Effective Public Participation is the second module of the IAP2 Foundations Program. We look forward to you joining this Delaney Virtual Academy for what will be a dynamic and interactive learning experience. The focus of this course is objective-driven engagement design. Participants will explore a range of technique options for each level of the engagement spectrum – focussing on the best of the best and using case studies for practical application. Wondering how to engage in the “new” virtual world? We’ve got that covered – showcasing online techniques and demonstrating how you can take in-person techniques online, too. And, we can’t talk about objective-driven design without talking about evaluation, so that’s included as well. This course is loaded with the information you need to bring your engagements to life!

The Techniques for Effective Public Participation course introduces a range of practical tools and techniques used at all five levels of IAP2’s Public Participation Spectrum. It gives course participants an opportunity to learn about many specific techniques, including World Cafés, Interviews, Revolving Conversations, Citizens Juries and Advisory Groups and those suitable for online engagement – tested and used by public participation practitioners around the globe. Our facilitated training sessions, complete with small- and whole-group activities, supplemented by current videos and media clips, enliven the basic theory and reference materials and reinforce skills that participants can put to immediate use. Participants learn how to create effective forums for dialogue and how to avoid the many problems encountered in traditional public meetings.

Learning Outcomes

The Delaney IAP2 Techniques Virtual Academy develops awareness, knowledge and skill in public participation by providing you with the following:

  1. An overview of a range of techniques that are effective in public participation, with a focus on several that are of most interest to participants – build skills in using P2 techniques.
  2. A four-step process that facilitates technique(s) selection to support your planned P2 objectives, plus addresses the needs of the publics, the decision-maker and the decision. You will build skills and acquire tools to design objective-driven engagements.
  3. Case studies and practical, interactive exercises, with opportunities to discuss and apply best practices in a variety of small- and whole-group settings to suit your learning needs. We will support skill development and build practitioner confidence.
  4. Self-directed online learning – supplement the course material to suit your interests.
  5. Coaching and feedback opportunities – encourage analysis and self-reflection for ongoing professional growth and skill enhancement.
  6. A positive, dynamic virtual learning environment – enjoy and learn in a collegial environment that supports full engagement by trainers and participants alike.

If your role requires you to design and plan engagements, this course is for you. You will leave more informed and well prepared to select, plan, and activate engagement techniques to bring your engagements to life!

Course Details

This course is delivered through two mediums: group Zoom webinars and self-directed online learning. There are four live webinars, for a total of 12 hours of facilitated training. The online content aims to supplement learning and to provide background materials prior to the Zoom calls. We anticipate the online learning component will be no more than 20 – 30 minutes before each live webinar.


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