Introducing the Promise of Engagement

In this 90-minute online session, staff at all levels of your organization are introduced to the concept of authentic engagement – the cornerstone of any project’s success – at the community and system levels. Participants come away with an understanding of when and why to engage, the promises of engagement, the different levels of engagement, and strategic dos and don’ts for authentic engagement.

This course builds awareness and knowledge for effective engagement and will be of most benefit to emerging engagement professionals. A great primer, too, for leaders, executive teams, and senior managers who will benefit from this high-level, but practical, overview of key engagement concepts and principles.


  • What engagement is and is not
  • The promises of engagement (risk management, innovation, durable decision making, equitable and just communities)
  • The different levels and spectrums of engagement
  • The dos and don’ts of authentic engagement
    1 session of 90 minutes
  • 2022 dates TBD

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What our participants say…

This is a great overview of authentic patient and family engagement for leaders and others who have a genuine interest in advancing more meaningful and purposeful engagement.

This learning session was so valuable for me in my role. I am embarking on a project that will involve patient engagement. There were a number of things I hadn’t considered when doing ‘Community Engagement’ activities. I very much appreciate this instruction! I will be implementing the suggestions immediately.