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2021 Facilitation Summit – Keeping the Conference Vibe Alive

by Kristi Merilees, Director, Engagement + Communications How many of you have attended a conference that left you feeling empowered, excited, and full of new ideas to share with everyone you know? That is how I feel after attending the Virtual Facilitation Summit last weekend, hosted by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). We went around the […]

Should we access our in-house resources or hire an engagement consultant?

by Kristi Merilees, Director, Engagement and Communications Increasingly, organizations are recognizing the value of allocating resources to community and stakeholder engagement. Some are learning that under resourcing engagement can introduce project risk. The question then becomes one of how to resource engagement effectively while balancing staff workloads and the project budget. Without the right resources, […]

Welcome Kristi!

by Kristi Merilees, Director, Engagement + Communications I have always been happiest in a team environment where there is an opportunity to work directly with community members, stakeholders, and clients. Their individual perspectives and communication styles often provide me with new insights and opportunities to learn. One of my most valuable lessons was realizing that […]