Welcoming Jenn Holland

Jenn Blog

Engage Delaney is pleased to welcome Jenn Holland to the Vancouver office. Jenn has joined the team in the role of Communications and Engagement Specialist. Jenn brings five years of program and project management experience with a strong emphasis on community engagement and community resource management. Jenn is passionate about ensuring that the voices of minority and underprivileged groups are heard in a way that is culturally appropriate for them and effective for everybody.

She has recently returned from three years of work in rural Democratic Republic of Congo where she developed strengths in working with people that have not traditionally accessed engagement activities. She has a Diploma in Journalism from Kwantlen University College and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Geography from Simon Fraser University. Jenn says stakeholder engagement was the most empowering and interesting aspect of her previous position and is excited to learn new processes and techniques in this new role. We welcome Jenn and wish her great success at Engage Delaney. Jenn can be reached by email at jenn@rmdelaney.com.

Photo: Jenn Holland in DRC during a workshop with local chefs de terre (land chiefs). The workshop was the first of many organized so that neighboring land chiefs could work together to transfer their traditionally-known clan boundaries to computer generated maps; a novel and fascinating concept for all of them.