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Delaney’s Christmas Message

by Valerie Delaney, Principal, Learning + Development The sweetest type of holiday engagement must surely be that between family and friends – whether in person, online or something in between! Yes, we might still experience those sticky, political and emotion-laden situations (as we do sometimes with community engagement), but we can hope and plan for […]

Fall 2022 Training Update

by Brenda Kortekaas, Specialist, Training + Development It is hard for me to believe we are already in the month of September. Summer – my happiest time of the year – seems to go by too quickly! Here at Delaney, we are getting ready for another busy fall training schedule. As I look back on […]

Delaney Confidence Series – Upcoming Course: Communicating for Engagement

by Rebecca Recant, Specialist, Engagement + Communications As a communications and engagement professional, I’ve come to understand these two sometimes separate streams, as integrated partners. Communications is fundamental to all community engagement, and while it is possible to communicate without engaging, you cannot engage without communications. I often spin my wheels around how to translate […]

Celebrating Our Training Past

by Valerie Delaney, Principal, Learning + Development As we celebrate our 25th year milestone anniversary, it’s been fun to look back on where we came from. Delaney began its training practice in 1996; at that time and for the next few years, our focus was exclusively on science-based training for federal government departments. We designed, developed, […]

Welcome, Rebecca Recant! Our Newest Engagement + Communications Specialist

by Rebecca Recant, Specialist, Engagement + Communications I have always had a keen interest in unpacking global issues and understanding diverse cultures and perspectives. This interest led me around the world to faraway places, from Argentina to Cuba to Rwanda, seeking comfort in different ways of life. For many years, I thought that engaging with […]

It’s Small Business Week: A Thank You from Us to You

by Valerie Delaney, Principal, Learning + Development It’s Small Business Week (October 17 – 23) in Canada – an annual celebration of entrepreneurship, with multiple events and learning opportunities available.  Its theme is “seizing the opportunity to build the way forward”. As this is our 25th year operating as a small business, I took some […]