Upcoming IAP2 Courses

The IAP2 Foundations in Effective Public Participation course includes two modules: Planning for Effective Public Participation, a three-day course that is the prerequisite for the two-day Techniques for Effective Public Participation.

Calgary5 – 7 March, 20188 – 9 March, 2018
Toronto9 – 11 April, 201812 – 13 April, 2018
Vancouver28 – 30 May, 201831 May – 1 June, 2018
Kelowna24 – 26 September, 201827 – 28 September, 2018
Vancouver15 – 17 October, 201818 – 19 October, 2018
Calgary29 – 31 October, 20181 – 2 November, 2018
Toronto26 – 28 November, 201829 – 30 November, 2018

About our IAP2 Training

Delaney + Associates is highly regarded and much sought out for its International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) training.

We offer the IAP2 five-day Foundations in Effective Public Participation program several times a year, in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver and other Canadian cities. Organizational and hosted Foundations programs are also available.

Based on what is widely recognized as the international gold standard in engagement planning – a rigorous, five-step planning process – the IAP2 Foundations program is must-have training for practitioners and novices alike, and a requirement for those interested in professional public participation certification.

Learn from our highly-experienced and talented trainers. Take the prerequisite three-day Planning for Effective Public Participation module on its own and follow up with the two-day Techniques for Effective Public Participation module at a later time, or take the two modules as back-to-back training. Either way, this training provides opportunities for immediate and practical on-the-job application.

Please call Valerie or Brenda at 613-837-5890 for inquiries and assistance.

Why take the IAP2 Foundations Program?

  • Participate in a learner-focused, updated and practitioner-reviewed training program that sets the standard for planning effective public participation.
  • Learn how and why to use state-of-the art public participation processes, tools and techniques.
  • Receive an internationally recognized certificate that can lead to professional certification in public participation.

Why Delaney + Associates?

  • Learn from our experienced and talented trainers. They pride themselves on creating a dynamic and positive learning environment, in which to share their 30+ years of P2 experience and draw upon the broad experience of the group.
  • Start your learner’s journey even before the course begins. We use web-based tools prior to a course to share readings, begin conversations and confirm learning objectives.
  • Our alumni of 2000+ form our online community of practice. We provide follow-up coaching also, as part of our commitment to build P2 capacity in Canada.

Who should take the course?

  • Relative beginners currently working in the field of citizen engagement, public involvement, or stakeholder relations
  • Seasoned professionals interested in refreshing or enhancing their understanding of public participation
  • Individuals in any level of government, the private sector, or a not-for-profit organization, where public participation plays a role

What will I learn?

  • Use industry-standard tools and principles to design and manage public participation
  • Set clear, shared objectives for effective participation
  • Manage the full scope of planning needed for effective participation
  • Select the appropriate level of engagement and matching techniques
  • Develop a public participation plan
  • Be able to communicate effectively for meaningful participation
  • Identify appropriate evaluation tools to measure the effectiveness of public participation programs