Upcoming iap2 Courses

The iap2 Foundations in Effective Public Participation course includes two modules: Planning for Effective Public Participation, a three-day course that is the prerequisite for the two-day Techniques for Effective Public Participation.

Kelowna16 – 18 September 201919 – 20 September 2019
Vancouver30 September – 2 October 20193 – 4 October 2019
Calgary21 – 23 October 201924 – 25 October 2019
Toronto18 – 20 November 201921 – 22 November 2019
Calgary2 – 4 March 20205 – 6 March 2020
Toronto20 – 22 April 2020
23 – 24 April 2020
Vancouver25 – 27 May 202028 – 29 May 2020
Vancouver21 – 23 September 202024 – 25 September 2020
Calgary19 – 21 October 202022 – 23 October 2020
Toronto16 – 18 November 202019 – 20 November 2020

About our iap2 Training

Delaney + Associates (D+A) is highly regarded for its International Association for Public Participation (iap2) training. Why?

We are Canada’s longest-standing engagement company, serving government, industry and non-governmental organizations since 1996. Engagement is all that we do. From hospital and school closures, to social housing, to wind farms, to official community plans, we are there engaging communities and stakeholders and working with decision makers. Several of our clients have won international recognition from iap2 for the quality of the work we have undertaken with them.

Our trainers – Richard Delaney, President of Delaney + Associates, and Jessica Delaney, Principal Engagement and Communications – are seasoned engagement practitioners working in our strength sectors – health, government and the environment.

What makes them great trainers? Well, you can’t teach what you don’t know, and they know their stuff! They bring iap2 principles and theory to life with their own stories that speak the truth about the challenges and opportunities of engaging communities and stakeholders. Fear not: PowerPoint slides make only the rarest of cameo appearances! Richard and Jessica are also highly skilled at creating a safe space for participants to share their stories, too.

Our participants regularly give perfect evaluation scores for D+A trainers’ ability to “draw on the wisdom of the group”.

What does this mean for you, the professional adult learner? An unparalleled training experience!

We offer the iap2 five-day Foundations in Effective Public Participation program several times a year, in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver and other Canadian cities. Organizational and hosted Foundations programs are also available.

Based on what is widely recognized as the international gold standard in engagement planning – a rigorous, five-step planning process – the iap2 Foundations program is must-have training for practitioners and novices alike, and the entry prerequisite for anyone interested in becoming a Public Participation Professional (new professional certification – CP3).

Take the prerequisite three-day Planning for Effective Public Participation module on its own and follow up with the two-day Techniques for Effective Public Participation module at a later time, or take the two modules as back-to-back training. Either way, this training provides opportunities for immediate and practical on-the-job application.

Have some questions? Want to chat? Please call Valerie or Brenda at 613-837-5890, or email: valerie@rmdelaney.com and brenda@rmdelaney.com.

Why take the iap2 Foundations Program?

  • Participate in a skill-development, interactive and practitioner-endorsed training program that is the international gold standard for planning effective public participation
  • The Foundations Program (Planning for Effective Public Participation and Techniques for Effective Public Participation) is mandatory training for engagement practitioners wanting to pursue their professional designation – Certified Public Participation Professional (CP3).
  • Receive an internationally-recognized certificate of completion that is in demand by employers and quickly becoming a mandatory requirement for consultants working for government.

Why Delaney + Associates?

  • Learn from our experienced and talented trainers who have delivered almost 100 Foundations  courses (including the former Certificate course). They pride themselves on creating a dynamic and positive learning environment, in which to share their 35+ years of P2 experience and draw upon the broad experience of the group.
  • Learn from Jessica Delaney, D+A Principal Engagement and Communications – one of only eight Certified Public Participation Professionals (CP3) in Canada, and the very first Canadian (December 2017) iap2-licenced trainer to become a CP3! Smart, funny and on the move, she’ll keep you engaged!
  • Learn from Richard Delaney, D+A President and Principal of Collaborative Decision Making. Also smart, funny and a ground-breaking engagement pioneer.
  • Richard co-led the review and revision (2012 – 2014) of iap2’s flagship training product, the Certificate in Public Participation – now called Foundations in Public Participation. He was the only Canadian to sit on this international working group (Innovation Project). He currently sits on the international working group planning the strategic directions of the iap2 Federation (Change Group) and the iap2 Training Advisory Committee, representing the Canadian context and training needs.
  • Our training team is committed to building engagement capacity in Canada and beyond. We offer training discounts to students, recent graduates and not-for-profits, along with complimentary follow-up coaching.
  • Start your learner’s journey even before the course begins. We use web-based tools prior to a course to share readings, begin conversations and confirm learning objectives.
  • Did we mention “Coffee with Colleagues”? Enjoy a coffee and healthy breakfast to start each day.
  • Our alumni of +2200 make up our online community of practice. Receive our newsletter, share documents in the library and connect with fellow alumni.

Who should take the course?

  • Relative beginners currently working in the field of community and stakeholder engagement
  • Seasoned professionals interested in refreshing their understanding of public participation and strengthening their planning and techniques skills
  • Individuals in any level of government, the private sector, or a not-for-profit organization, with leadership and/or oversight responsibilities for community and stakeholder engagement activities

What will I learn?

  • Use industry-standard tools and principles to design and manage public participation
  • Set clear, shared objectives for effective participation
  • Manage the full scope of planning needed for effective participation
  • Select the appropriate level of engagement and matching techniques
  • Develop a public participation plan
  • Receive a tried-and-true D+A engagement planning tool
  • Be able to communicate effectively for meaningful participation
  • Identify appropriate evaluation tools to measure the effectiveness of P2 programs
  • Your questions answered here!

“Jessica was a fantastic facilitator – truly demonstrated best practice while leading the training. Just having the chance to watch her work was a learning in itself.”

SEI-VS, Seattle, WA
Vancouver, May 2019, IAP2 Foundations Course