Important Update: Delaney IAP2 Training Schedule for 2024 Now Available

We are pleased to announce our 2024 training calendar. We’ve made it easier to plan your learning in advance and those who book all three IAP2 courses to achieve their certificate in Public Participation will receive a $100 discount. Click here to view the Training Schedule.

We value your feedback and suggestions at Delaney, the engagement people; that’s why we have updated our IAP2 2024 training schedule to make it easier for you to plan for the whole certificate program.

Here are the main changes:

  • The Fundamentals of P2 and Engagement course will be offered twice every other month. This pre-requisite for the Global Learning Pathways will be two, three-hour sessions (6 total hours) offered virtually on consecutive days. You will learn the
    core principles and practices of public participation and engagement in a fun and interactive way.
  • The following month the IAP2 Designing P2 for Engagement and the IAP2 Applying Methods courses will each be offered. These two courses will be offered over four days, with each day having one three-hour session (12 hours for each course). You will learn how to design and implement effective public participation and engagement processes using various methods and tools.
  • With this schedule, you will be able to complete your IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation over two months.

Sign up for all three at the same time, and we will offer you $100 off your total registration! You must register and pay for all three courses at the same time and may select any courses in a given calendar year.

You can find the 2023/2024 schedule at Schedule At A Glance – Engage Delaney 

We hope these changes will help you plan your learning throughout the year.