Why Your Organization Should Take Organizational Training

There are loads of reasons why organizational training is amazing, and one of them is flexibility. If you are interested in IAP2, Delaney, or tailored training, we are booking now for 2024. If you want to learn virtually or in person, please reach out today to discuss how we can help build your organization’s culture of engagement!

At Delaney, we are all about building organizational capacity for more and better engagement. There are three big reasons why you should consider training your team in engagement and facilitation skills development:

  1. Support change: Engagement supports change management and is most effective when you bring interdisciplinary teams together. Help your teams think together by learning and watching their capacity to navigate change together and with foundational skills.
  2. Build engagement culture: Investing in an engaging culture supports both internal and external engagement. Many of the tools, skills, and approaches we teach can be used internally with a team to create a more engaging workplace culture.
  3. Save money: Our organizational training rates provide organizations with cost-competitive pricing that makes it accessible to invest staff who are directly involved in engagement and communications work, as well as those subject matter experts who might be called into an engagement process!

If you are interested in learning more about Delaney’s organizational offerings and available training dates for both in-person and virtual training in 2024, please contact Brenda@rmdelaney.com

Organizational training includes IAP2 Courses, Delaney courses (communications, facilitation, survey design, and evaluation), or tailored courses designed to meet your specific training needs.