Meet Dayna Russell

Dayna Russell is the new Engage Delaney Learning and Communications Coordinator. You will see Dayna and her smile in the Producer role when you participate in a virtual course with us. We are very happy to have her on our team!

Since joining the team, Dayna has completed her IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation. Here are a few words from Dayna on the Engage Delaney IAP2 Certificate training:

“I had an excellent time in the Engage Delaney IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation training. Jessica provides a space where everyone’s voice was heard, and discussions were encouraged. The course is highly interactive, making the training fly by. Jessica’s use of real-world experiences to better explain concepts is invaluable. I really enjoyed learning about the different kinds of methods of engagement, but cardstorming was one method that stood out to me. If you want to learn more about card storming and other methods of engagement, check out Engage Delaney’s 2024 training schedule and register before it’s too late!”