2024 Engage Delaney Courses

Delaney is pleased to announce dates for three Delaney courses in 2024. These courses help engagement practitioners build on their skills and go beyond the training they may have received in the past. Though having completed the IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation is not a requirement, it is recommended. Here’s what people are saying about these courses:

Facilitating Engagement Plans – March 25-28, 2024

This highly interactive course provides 12 hours of online, trainer-facilitated training to support the activation of engagement plans. The focus is on planning and facilitation best practices for both in-person and virtual engagement settings. Participants come away with an understanding of how to plan and facilitate meaningful engagement, the importance of separating process from content, facilitation practices to use during high-emotion engagements, and practical ways of bringing objective-based facilitation into practice. Click here to learn more.

Free introductory Facilitating Engagement webinar – February 28, 2024 – noon-1 pm (PST)

Take away insights, pose questions, and learn about the full course offering.

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“This course was transformational. Thank you for changing the way I think about facilitation and engagement planning. All I can say is WOW!”

Designing Engagement Surveys – May 6-9, 2024

This 12-hour online, trainer-facilitated course is a must for professionals who collect information through surveys or polls, or for those who develop questionnaires in support of online, telephone or in-person interviews or focus groups. Participants learn about the conceptual underpinnings of how to design and develop questions for effective information collection, when and how to use this powerful technique and when not to. Participants use their own survey projects to apply their new knowledge, plus use proven industry best practices and Engage Delaney survey design tools to refine and perfect their survey initiatives. At the end of this course, participants will have the knowledge, skills, and tools to support end-to-end information collection instruments using this technique.  Deepen your knowledge and refine your skills with a focused look at how to design and develop surveys for effective information collection. Click here to learn more.

Free introductory Designing Engagement Surveys webinar – April 8, 2024 – noon-1 pm (PST)

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“Engage Delaney’s Engagement Surveys course was perfect for our organization. Lots of smart, practical information we could apply immediately, conveyed by seasoned pros in a thoughtful, fun way that made us all eager to put what we’d learned to use. I highly recommend this excellent course.”

Evaluating Engagement – October 7-9, 2024

How do you measure your return on investment for engagement? How do you know if something truly was a success? This nine-hour online, trainer-facilitated course supports project managers, program leads, and those working in quality improvement to develop meaningful measures for engagement and a practical evaluation framework that demonstrates how engagement supports better decisions.

Deepen your knowledge and refine your skills with a focused look at how to develop meaningful evaluation measures and frameworks for effective engagement. Click here to learn more.

Free introductory Evaluating Engagement webinar – September 11, 2024 – noon-1 pm (PST)

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“Great course! Clearly developed around a wealth of knowledge and experience. Looking forward to using these tools to show the value of our consultation projects and establish a strong baseline framework we can build on overtime.”