Are You a Patient Engagement Specialist in Ontario? Delaney Could Be Hosting Engagement Workshops in Your Area!

If you regularly receive Newsletters from the Ontario Hospital Associations, you will have noticed that in February we are partnering with them for three events on patient engagement, experience and relations.

Patient and public engagement in the health sector has been one of Delaney’s main areas of focus, and we have seen, planned, led, and successfully implemented dozens of engagement projects for health clients all over Canada. The workshops hosted by the Ontario Hospital Association will be an opportunity for us to share our experience with engagement professionals in the health sector in Ontario.

The emphasis is increasingly being placed on person-centred care in health organizations across the country, but knowing where to start and how to improve patient experience can be a challenging undertaking for many organizations. The three sessions – taking place in Ottawa, Cambridge and Sudbury – will introduce participants to a variety of tools to help them on the journey of improving the patient experience in their health organizations.

The three sessions focus on: engagement, experience, and relations, but all three come together to provide a comprehensive appreciation of how to move to a more patient- and community-centred approach to health care planning and delivery.


  • Best practices in the area of engagement based upon the well-established methodology from the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2)
  • Tools to create an authentic patient, family and community engagement process in your organization or improve the quality of your current engagement efforts
  • Information on Patient/Family Advisory Councils (PFAC)


  • The Experience Based Co-Design (EBD) methodology for capturing and understanding the care experience of patients and family members, as well as approaches to partnering with them to redesign and improve the care experience
  • Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) update on its work on the Patient Experience Measurement Strategy


  • OHA update on patient relations legislation (Bill 8) and the OHA’s Patient Relations Toolkit
  • The Ottawa Hospital and its patient relations best practices

To register for one of the three workshops, please follow the links below:

February 17, 2015 – Ottawa
February 19, 2015 – Cambridge
February 26, 2015 – Sudbury