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Class Reunion – Staying Connected in Turbulent Times

by Richard Delaney, President and Principal, Collaborative Decision Making Silly me. When the reality of the pandemic settled in, I started to worry I’d be crawling the walls with boredom. I am actually busier than ever – just in different and, frankly, very important ways. So many people to reconnect with, so many administrative loose […]

Facilitating Engagement – the fulcrum of effective engagement

The engagement cycle includes several discrete and integrated steps. To be effective, all steps in the cycle need to be completed. For those who have completed the iap2 Planning and Techniques modules, the Needs Analysis, Planning and Design processes will be very familiar. Through these steps, we make strategic decisions about engagement scope and timing, […]

Working with Parks Canada to Engage on their Fees Update

It’s good to have conversations with your stakeholders, but frankly, a good conversation isn’t enough. When we engage our stakeholders, whether interest groups, industry or the general public, we need to have focused and productive conversations that help make “better” decisions. Decisions that work for most stakeholders, decisions that aren’t going to be challenged and […]

2018 Iap2 North American Conference: Three key lessons

The iap2 North American conference that took place in Victoria this September, in my opinion, was the very best IAP2 conference yet and one of the best conferences I have ever attended. Why? The range and quality of presentations were superb. The mix of Canadian, American and international delegates created a fantastic environment for networking, […]

Get Engaged and Help Shape the Future of iap2 Canada

Formed in 1992 by two public participation (P2) professionals from Denver and two from Ottawa, the International Association for Public Participation (iap2) has grown from four to more than 5,000 members around the world. Iap2 has defined the gold standard for authentic community and stakeholder engagement. Its mandate is one that we share here at […]

Our Most Engaging Moments of 2017

Richard Delaney – President: I have always believed that involving those most impacted makes for better decision making. This belief was totally confirmed for me when I recently received word from a client for whom we were trying to locate a substance-abuse recovery facility that a better-than-imagined solution was reached – and achieved only through engaging […]