What Keeps the Ottawa Office Busy?

Prize Bin

All things related to training are handled by our Ottawa office. This includes communicating with participants, taking registrations, undertaking logistics, shipping supplies, managing the virtual classrooms, and walking the office pet, who by the way, has passed her intermediate level in obedience training. Go, Rosie!

The first quarter of 2015 was very busy!  A quick glance at our training numbers tells us that people are very interested in community and stakeholder engagement and want to sharpen their skills.

For the period January – April 2015, we have:

  • Delivered five IAP2 Foundations programs
  • Delivered four Delaney and Associates Facilitating Collaborative Decisions courses
  • Welcomed 22 participants on average to each course
  • Exceeded 1300 participants in our Community of Practice
  • Received many testimonials, including a sampling below, for which we say, “thank you”!

“I have found the material from the IAP2 session to be very valuable and applicable in my day to day work. One of the most meaningful lessons I took from the course was the value in spending time upfront learning about each stakeholder involved. I have referred to my course materials several times for quick reminders and refreshers!”

“Inspirational learning. I feel so much better prepared to work with our public in developing our services.”

“An amazing toolbox to work from to initiate engagement.”