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One more thing

by Valerie Delaney, Principal, Learning + Development I hope this finds you well and happy enough – in the circumstances. I am uneasy. Seems as though I am just settling into to social distancing and my little one-family bubble, when lots of jurisdictions around the world are outlining plans and timelines to “get back to […]

You know you’ve worked from home too long when…

by Valerie Delaney, Principal, Learning + Development I hope you are well and keeping safe and sane during these COVID-19 times. As we practise good social distancing, we will flatten the curve as the experts say and move to safer times – maybe, not “normal”, but safer and hopefully better times. The social distancing of […]

Things I Learned from My Mom and Dad

by Valerie Delaney, Principal, Learning and Development We’ve all seen that cute poster titled “Things I Learned in Kindergarten”. Well, this is the Delaney version called, “Things I Learned from My Mom and Dad”. These gems really have been hitting home during the days of COVID-19, and with such frequency I feel compelled to comment […]

2018 Facilitator’s Gift Wish List

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for your favorite facilitator?  Look no further. Check out Jessica’s and Valerie’s top ten ideas below. P.S.  This is for a real-person type of facilitator, not an online one! Gosh, we are hilarious! One handy helper. Mom’s rule: If you have it, you won’t have to use it.  That’s […]