Welcome, Rebecca Recant! Our Newest Engagement + Communications Specialist

by Rebecca Recant, Specialist, Engagement + Communications

I have always had a keen interest in unpacking global issues and understanding diverse cultures and perspectives. This interest led me around the world to faraway places, from Argentina to Cuba to Rwanda, seeking comfort in different ways of life. For many years, I thought that engaging with the world meant traveling faraway.

It is through the world of community engagement that I have discovered the richness of staying right here and looking inward at our own communities. Our communities are filled with diverse people, opinions, preferences and needs. And it is through well designed community engagement, that we can bring their voices to the table, so that they can provide informed feedback that can impact the future.

Amidst the pandemic and with two little ones at home, I will not be traveling to faraway places any time soon. But I will be engaging with the world every day through community engagement. I am truly privileged to join the impressive team at Delaney, and to be able to design and facilitate community engagement processes that are inclusive and collaborative.

Learn more about Rebecca in her team bio here.