Delaney and Associates Inc.

About Delaney and Associates Inc. We work with innovative and progressive governments, companies and stakeholder groups to facilitate collaborative decisions to pressing challenges.

Our Courses

Delaney and Associates Inc. offers several one- and two-day courses for building knowledge and skills to engage communities and stakeholders in meaningful, focused and productive conversations. This includes the full suite of IAP2 training products.

Our Clients

Delaney and Associates Inc. is fortunate to be working with a number of progressive companies and organizations. We develop and facilitate engagement strategies, to help our clients build and maintain positive and powerful relationships.

Our Team

We are a family owned and operated Canadian company. We are process experts focused on engagement and facilitation. We work with skilled and experienced staff and associates who are also our friends and who are similarly motivated.

Engaging Communities and Stakeholders

We work as neutral, third-party public participation specialists, with our clients, to design, convene and report upon public consultations, at all levels of government and in a variety of sectors, notably health, education, natural resources and the environment.

Facilitating Collaboration


We design, organize, facilitate and report upon organizational processes and interventions, to support collaborative decision-making. We do so in ways that position our clients to fully engage their subject matter experts, staff and stakeholders, to achieve positive and lasting results.

Building Capacity


Our adult learning experts design, develop, deliver and evaluate science-based training programs that are results-driven, to transfer knowledge and build skills. We also deliver a train-the-trainer course, in support of internal organizational training programs.

Our Story

Established in 1996, Delaney and Associates Inc. (D&A) is a family owned and operated Canadian company. Our business lines reflect our passion for change and improvement in the world: cooperation – collaboration – consensus.

Our team is based out of offices in Ottawa and Vancouver. Together we have designed and facilitated hundreds of collaborative events to create shared plans and visions, build trust and relationships to help groups move forward together. As process experts, we work across a wide range of fields and are most known for our achievements in health, education and the environment. We are known for exhaustive needs analysis, elegant process design, collaborative planning and exacting communication in our work. We help government, business and NGO organizations work with their communities and stakeholders to support collaborative evidence-based regulatory, policy, planning and programme decisions.

We also operate a training practice, to develop and deliver skill-building courses and coaching. In 2007, after demonstrating world-class excellence in the field, Richard Delaney was awarded a licence from the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) to deliver its certificate program.

Our Mission

Our mission is to plan, design, facilitate, report, and evaluate collaborative engagement on behalf of our clients. We also help our clients to build skills and capacity for collaboration.

Our Approach

  • We take a systems approach to each project – looking at the historical context, current situation, players, desired outcomes and the resources available.
  • We use well-proven best practices and customize them to client needs.
  • We facilitate collaboration to ensure a robust perspective in planning and decision-making.
  • We are guided by principles of adult learning.

Our Beliefs

  • We are committed to open and honest business practices.
  • We value continuous learning, feedback and improvement.
  • We believe collaboration, leadership, knowledge and innovation are required simultaneously to achieve sustainable human development.