Abbey-Jane McGrath Joins Engage Delaney Team

Engage Delaney is delighted to welcome Abbey-Jane McGrath, who has joined the Vancouver office in the role of Communications + Engagement Specialist.

Abbey holds a degree in Film and Communications/Cultural Studies from McGill University as well as a law degree from the University of Toronto. She brings over a decade of experience crafting dozens of educational and engagement events for diverse audiences and stakeholders across British Columbia, Canada and North America.

She is dedicated to building bridges amongst varied stakeholders through session design and communications materials to explore important and sensitive issues. In particular, her events have had special focus on First Nations issues including: consultation and accommodation, major business agreements with First Nations, and Aboriginal rights and title. She has designed events for federal, provincial and municipal governments, professionals including lawyers, architects, engineers and accountants, and a wide range of industries including construction, transportation, and real-estate development.

Abbey is also an experienced communicator and a passionate believer in the power of story as an effective tool for large-scale development projects and organizations, recognizing the value of a story-driven approach for engagement amongst internal and external stakeholders.

Abbey says she is thrilled to be joining Engage Delaney and is eagerly anticipating the new projects, people and experiences that this new chapter will bring.

We welcome Abbey and are excited to have her as a new addition to the team. Abbey can be reached by email at